Group Workshops

Looking for statistical methods training? We offer workshops on a range of  methods or we can tailor a workshop to your group’s needs.

One-on-One Training

No time for workshops? We also offer statistical methods training in a one-on-one format using various software packages.

Statistical Consulting

Need your analysis done quickly? We can complete the entire analysis for you or if you prefer, just consult on the parts you need.

Research Design Consulting

Need help with the design of your study? We assist with everything from sample size estimation to design implementation.


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Why Choose Us?


Combined, we have over 22 years of experience teaching research methods, design, and statistical analysis.


We are constantly upgrading our own skills and knowledge so that we can provide you with training and consulting in the latest methodological and analytical techniques.


We have the depth in skills to assist you with everything from basic data entry to complex research design and data analysis.


We can work in collaboration with you at any point in your research. Just tell us how much you need us to be involved.


We have the flexibility to tailor training and consulting to individuals and groups. This allows us to provide solutions for your specific needs.


We are capable of providing training and consulting using a variety of different software such as SPSS, R, SAS, and Mplus.


Our main focus is to provide you with as much hands-on experience as we can, so you can implement your new skills quickly.


All of our workshops come with customized materials and datasets so that you can work along with the instructor and maximize your training experience.


Workshop examples can be tailored to cover a range of disciplines within the social, behavioural and health sciences.

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